Richard Mayer
to the Goleta School Board

My Pledge to You

I'm a candidate for the Goleta Union School Board because I believe that quality schools are important.  My commitment will always be to provide high quality education for every child in the Goleta Union School District, especially during this period of unpredictable funding.  I ask for your vote so I can represent your concerns on the school board.  My dedication to education is reflected in my service as a Goleta school board member for the past decades.  My qualifications include being a parent whose children attended Goleta public schools; a UCSB professor who values early education; a research psychologist who studies effective instructional methods for teaching math, science, and reading; and a taxpayer and neighbor living in Goleta for many years.  If you elect me, I will strive:

To always remember the interests and needs of our most precious resource--children.

To work for high quality education based on high standards for every child.

To be cost effective in keeping the district within its budget.

To see that see that our schools are inclusive, responsive, and accountable to the community.

To be available to hear your comments, encourage your involvement, and represent all the people within the district.


Why I am Running

I am running because I think every child in our community deserves a high quality education.  I care about kids.  I firmly believe that children are our most precious resource.  I want to serve my community by doing all I can to ensure that every child gets the quality education they deserve.  I am a strong proponent of public education.  As a product of public schools from kindergarten through graduate school, I see public education as a vehicle for helping students achieve their dreams.  I want to serve our community. In looking over the ways that I could provide community service, I determined that my interests and talents mesh best with being a school board member.

The first few years of schooling are crucial in helping children develop the skills and knowledge they need, but also the personal beliefs in seeing themselves as competent learners who have a bright future ahead.  As a board member, I am grateful for the opportunity to play even a small part in achieving this worthwhile goal. I have the privilege of serving as a member of the Goleta school board for many years, so I have been learning a lot about how to maintain a stable, caring district that focuses on high-quality education for every child.

In my day job, I am a psychology professor at UCSB.  My teaching and research are in educational psychology, with a focus on instructional methods for science, math, and reading.  All three of my children attended Goleta schools. 

Accomplishments and Goals

Some of the accomplishments and continuing goals I am most proud of include:

  • maintaining small class size and welcoming neighborhood schools that serve a diverse population

  • providing a rich curriculum in all our schools, including art, music, physical education, hands-on science, and technology as well as language arts and math

  • providing differentiated instruction and additional services to meet the needs of each student based on equity

  • providing psychological services and social emotional learning experiences to help students develop

  • providing an extensive after-school program at all of our schools that gives students a safe and productive place to go

  • providing academic preschool and summer school, before-school breakfast, and after-school homework assistance

  • providing additional class size reduction and additional staff at schools with a high percentage of students from low-income homes

  • providing on-going professional development for teachers and respectfully including teachers in curricular decision making

  • ramping up our Food Services Department to serve free meals during the pandemic

  • supporting sustainable initiatives including increased use of solar power and electric vehicles as well as extensive recyclying

  • making safety a top priority throughout the district

  • establishing and serving on a Task Force for Social Justice and Equity

  • establishing a Dual Language Immersion program

  • making sure every child has access to the Internet

  • maintaining prudent budgeting to keep our district on solid financial footing

  • establishing a transparent system for using Measure M bond funds to improve each school site

  • ensuring that the community has input into district decision making

  • making sure I am always available and responsive to parents, staff, and the community at large


I am pleased to announce that I have been endorsed by my fellow Goleta school board members:

     Vicki Ben-Yaacov, Goleta School Board Trustee

     Carin Ezal, Goleta School Board President

     Sholeh Jahangir, Goleta School Board Trustee

Also I have been endorsed by local elected officials:

     Paula Perotte, Mayor of Goleta

     Stuart Kasdin, Goleta City Council Member

     James Kyriaco, Goleta City Council Member

     Kyle Richards, Goleta City Council Member

     Joan Hartmann, Santa Barbara Board of Supervisors

Organizational endorsements include:

     Democratic Party of Santa Barbara County